Jesus-Spikenard-Anointing-Blessing-Empowerment1Spikenard has been used to heal broken bones, to treat bad coughs and other cold symptoms. The oil it produces can work miracles on the skin, stimulate the antibacterial properties of white blood cells, treat and protect from infections, purify the blood, kill germs, and is anti-inflammatory, calms the nerves, promotes awareness and gives strength and peace of mind. It was considered the most priceless and precious of luxuries in ancient Egypt.

The Spikenard oil symbolic of the inner working of the Holy Spirit will be poured over you by Jesus as you receive the energy of this empowerment. You will be surrounded by the Light of God. This gift is given from Jesus so that you can live a life that is rich with a sweet heavenly fragrance.

Uses of the Jesus Spikenard Blessing Empowerment:

Skin: balancing, regenerating, healing, mature skin, psoriasis, allergies, itching, healthy skin maintenance

Digestive System: antispasmodic, digestive, nausea, constipation, colic, cramps

Circulation: harmonizes and stimulates circulation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, regulates heartbeat

Nervous System and Emotional: balancing, calming, grounding, harmonizing, insomnia, migraine, stress, nervous tension, insecurity, anxiety, deep emotional wounds, addictions, especially drugs

Animals: gentle enough for animal healing

Antibacterial: bacterial infections of the skin and inside the body, wounds, urethra, urinary, bladder, kidneys, athlete’s foot, cholera, food poisoning, septic, tetanus, etc.

Antifungal: fungal infections on the skin and inside such as food poisoning by fungus, dermatitis, patches on skin, itches, psoriasis, etc.

Anti-inflammatory: inflammations whether they be nervous, in the digestive system or respiratory system

Sedative: maintain physical, mental and psychological balance, sedate inflammations in the digestive and nervous systems, irritations, nervous afflictions, convulsions, depression, stress, anxiety, panic, cardiac problems such as abnormal palpitations, restlessness, insomnia

Uterine: a depurative for the uterus and ovaries, stimulates hormones like estrogen and progesterone to help maintain proper health and reproductive capabilities of these organs

Other: works on the solar plexus and heart chakras in a deeply calming manner, opening them fully with gentleness use to balance and heal the ajna (brow) and crown chakras

Receiving this ancient energy is liberating and profoundly soothing. It releases emotional tension and also grounds, opens and brings you in touch with your inner spirituality. It brings you to a place of peace and tranquility, enveloping you in a deep sense of safety. It connects you to the divinity within and lessens the stresses of the outside world.

This energy may be applied in anointing rituals, and religious ceremonies for blessing and spiritual protection. It can be used to protect and bless any person, place or thing, such as your family, children, home, assets, money, car, work place, etc. You will have an ethereal fragrance that wards off evil as well.

Founder: Tracey Loper