Joy-Renewal-EmpowermentJoy Renewal Empowerment can be used for emotional healing and dealing with loss. There are many things that can prevent an individual from embracing joy. It can be as a result of unbalanced personal relationships, a stressful job, physical ailments or having a loved one who is too dependent with their own physical ills or finances.

This empowerment will help you with the following:
Emotional Healing & Balancing
Energetic Healing & Balancing
Help in healing mental anguish & sadness
Releasing sadness
Promote a more balanced physical feeling
Finding a place within One’s self to allow healing
Letting go of guild associated with loss or death
Finding joy in everyday activities
Living more joyfully while dealing with life stresses
Living more joyfully while dealing with hardships
Learning how to live more happily
Finding happiness within & without surroundings

Founder: Elaine DeCarlo