Kala-ejh-Magie-of-The-ApacheKala ‘Ejh Magie Levels I, II, III is a magic healing system of the Apaches.

Magic is the steering of natural energies to bring about necessary changes. Everything is imbued with energy. Magick is the ability to activate these energies. Magic is natural, it is nonviolent and can help you to bring about necessary changes. Magic directs and controls natural energies to achieve a desired effect. Anyone can practice magic, whether within a religious context or not.

There are three main sources of natural energy:

Our own or personal force or Life Force – we take in the energy of the moon, sun, water and food to set us and them free in movement, sports, sex and childbirth. Even breathing is part of this force.

Earth Power – found in our planet and its natural products such as rocks, trees, wind, fire, water, crystals, etc.

Divine Power – the power source of all being, the power of life, the all-encompassing power that created everything.

Our own energy, universal power sources and earth energies should work together in harmony to contribute to the betterment of life and conservation of the Earth. Magic is a method by which each individual can take his own life into their own hands in absolute ownership. We find the true magic power only in ourselves – in our relationship with the divine. The magical powers are the energy of life itself.

Anyone can practice magic, whether within a religious context or outside. No matter so that magic system we are using is of primary importance that we combine our personal powers on the effect you want to and then release.

The Apaches used magic for healing of body, mind and soul, for freedom from karma, for forgiveness, and body consciousness.

Each level is carried out for 9 days.

Level I: Healing of the mind and the soul, trauma resolution

Level II: Forgiveness – Award to your brother like yourself. Body Consciousness

Level III: Canal opening and authorization, energy of the old gods of the Apaches

Go the steps with joy in your freedom and power. You are the creator of your life.

Founder: Lady Solina (Solina Grill-Mitterhofer)