Mind Power Awakening

The energy pattern of this energetic tool will allow you to access the higher transpersonal chakras, especially when you use it with other high vibration energy. It has an ability to unify your mind with your spirit. Work with this stool will assist you in raising the vibration of the body, may stimulate your creativity, memory and learning abilities. Within the body, particularly the brain, there are genetic triggers waiting to be activated. Once you activate these triggers you may begin to use the superior gifts and talents gained.

Meditation with this system may open new pathways in the brain and awaken latent powers of your mind. It may also enhance a range of different psychic gifts, and heighten your ability to be alert to spirit’s communication with you.

As you explore new areas of interest that this energy stimulates, you begin to increase and embrace your capacity for change. These newly gained talents may include an increase in psychic skills. This energy assists you in connecting to the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra and even to link to the higher chakras in the etheric body. These transpersonal chakras include the Soul Star Chakra, where this energy is most effective at creating change. It may help you to develop psychic powers and in particular may aid you in automatic writing.

A symbol is included in the manual to help you to connect to the energy of this system.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso