My Dazzling White AuraWhen your aura is filled with My Dazzling White Aura energy you are turning on a brilliant white light and will start transmitting radiant white light energies outwardly. White is the color of purity, spirituality, sincerity, beginnings, simplicity, possibility, innocence, faith, wholeness and completion.

This attunement gives you dominion over the aura you project to others, so they will sense your sincerity, honesty and purity of intent. Apply this white aura energy for all relationships, when you are looking for favor, seeking truth, connecting to divinity and connecting to infinite potential, and to wipe clean your present lifetime karmic slate, putting the past behind you.

A dazzling radiant white aura can indicate the presence of angels or attract angels to you. Activating My Dazzling White Aura energy connects you to Divinity and your guardian angels and guides.

My Dazzling White Aura Attributes:
• Connecting to Divinity
• Finding Infinite Potential
• Making Angelic Connections
• Revealing Truth
• Clearing Present Lifetime Karma
• Illumination
• New Beginnings
• Purity
• Order
• Simplicity
• Vivaciousness
• Peace
• Balance
• Protection
• Health
• Reverence
• Humility

Founder: Manuela Marques