Nadas Karmic Key

Nada’s Karmic Key is a powerful karmic healing system from Ascended Master Lady Nada that has 5 levels.

The first two attunements equalize your total energy level for the rest of the attunements.

The third attunement opens the channel of communication with the Lords of Karma and has 3 symbols to work with.

The fourth attunement is the strongest one, containing 1 very powerful symbol of karma burning after the Lords of Karma receive the request for some karma liberation.

The fifth attunement is the Master Teacher Level, allowing you to attune others into this system.

Ascended Lady Master is Chohan of the Sixth Ray, the purple and gold ray of peace, service and brotherhood. She tutors souls in mastering these qualities in the solar plexus chakra. She is also known as the unifier of families and twin flames. The word Nada means the voice of silence, and also a receding of the personality into nothingness, giving way to the Christ Self. Healing is one of Lady Nada’s services to mankind.

Lady Nada is a member of the Karmic Board – a group of eight ascended masters and cosmic beings who dispense justice and adjudicate karma on behalf of every soul. On Atlantis Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love.

The Karmic Board minsters to each soul in cooperation with the soul’s own Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, determining when, where and in what family a soul shall embody. All souls pass before the Karmic Board before and after each incarnation on earth. Before coming into embodiment again, they are given the life mission that will be theirs to accomplish, along with an overview of the karmic allotment from previous lifetimes that they will have to balance in the new life.

Working out your karmic issues is your chance for a better life!

Note: This is a high-frequency energy. You might experience a strong cleaning process after receiving your attunements.

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master. Minimum 6 months of practice.

Founder: Alla Light