Negative-Influence-RemovalWe are born with natural defenses against psychic attack via our psychic immune system. Our psychic immune system typically provides protection from common psychic attacks. However, when our psychic immune system is compromised it is usually due to extensive psychic attack or even trauma, accident, or illness, we become more vulnerable.

Negative Influence Remover also includes removal of psychic attacks from malevolent predators, which will go out of their way to cause you to suffer.

Indications that you may be under psychic attack:
• Low energy
• Feeling like something is sucking your good energies
• Paranoid or negative outlook
• Difficulty connecting to Source
• Exhausted after being around certain people
• Having disconcerting dreams
• Exhaustion even after a full night’s sleep
• Things aren’t going your way
• Your normal spiritual hygiene techniques are not effective anymore

Founder: Rosemary Noel in collaboration with Mariah Windsong Couture