New Avalon

A Highly Magical Healing System of the New Avalon
Initiation in LO’NAH – Magic Light Technology and dedication of your wand by Merlin

Many myths and legends have grown up around this time period/time dimension. In the spiritual realms of the present time, no time period is present in the hers and in the soul like Avalon.

Avalon enchants us and touches our soul deeply: Merlin, King Arthur, Excalibur, Magic, priesthood, love and honor. With planetary ascension we can now use the magic, the white priesthood and Excalibur, which were anchored in the earth, awakening in us and appearing again in the present time, the Golden Age.

Our memories are awakening to our former incarnations in Avalon, now in this time of completion when the planetary ascension is imminent. These are memories of magic, priesthood and a clear struggle for freedom. Now we can use the magic, the White Priesthood and Excalibur, which were anchored in Earth, awakening in us, appearing again in the Golden Age.

This spell raises our souls in light spheres and is a highlight in us to help see who we really are. Get ready to dive into the fog of the past and remember walking between the dimensions as great Divine Being. Feel deep in your heart and your soul and your divine flame, awake to what you are.

The highest energy of Avalon flows through a Stargate in our dimension and gives us unconditional love, freedom and magic. The energies of the White Priesthood that was needed for its ascent flooded planet Earth. Many high energy new systems have been released into our dimension from Avalon for the period of adjustment after the climb. They are used in the present time in the adaptation phase in order to bring man salvation and Oneness to lead him to freedom.

LO`NAH – Fire Magic of Healing/Magic Light technology from the new Avalon wears the color light blue with golden stardust. She is an incredibly powerful energy of the New Age. Merlin can help you construct a magic wand and concentrate the energy. This system allows you to dedicate your wand with Merlin. You will be able to perform magical healing, increase energy and make manifest and magic rituals.

LO’NAH is a blue crystal. It has its own consciousness; it is vivid Magic Light technology that you can use for magically healing, increasing energy, manifesting and magic rituals.

Typical applications:
*Helping imbalance on all levels of being
*Reprogramming of DNA
*Energetic Ops
*Massive increase in energy and cleaning
*Connection of your aspects
*Activation of Merkaba
*Healing of the earth, space, spaces, etc.
*Clean and energy boost
*Manifesting your desires
*Make Magic rituals

This healing magic can be used for humans, animals and yourself.

Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill-MItterhofer)