Past-LIfe-ReikiPast Life Reiki connects you to the energy of your never dying soul so that you can reconnect to past lives you may have had. Past lives influence the life you are living presently in ways you may not understand. The lessons and experiences we live go with us through time and to our next life and even beyond. This system helps you to discover any past lives you may have lived and to understand that the energy that comes through for you from past lives is only information to be used to help you continue to grow and expand on your journey throughout time.

When you connect to the energy of this system through the symbol, you can receive your own personal meditation, allowing the energy to flow through you.  Close your eyes as the meditation starts and watch it, feel it, taste it, smell it, and hear it as it plays out in your mind.  It can come as information but not reliving the emotional pain or traumas.  You can remember how you felt but not re-experience it. The information you discover will help you overcome fears that may seem irrational in this lifetime, and to understand some of your prominent behaviors that seem to dominate your life.

This is a very helpful and powerful energy that can bring life altering changes for the highest good into your life. Learning and discovering anything about who you may have been and what you did will help you through opening doors of revelation into what your lessons and purpose are now on this Earth. Self-discovery always opens doors for you.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)