Personal Empowerment Lightwork Reiki

Personal Empowerment Lightwork Reiki has three attunements that connect you to Creative Source Energy and your Higher Self for enlightenment, ascension and empowerment. The powerful energies assist you with regaining your personal power through working with issues of Communication (Level 1), Confidence (Level 2), and Loving Worthiness (Level 3). Each attunement focuses on one of these issues for healing and regeneration and boosts the energy in these areas.

This system works with positive energies of growth, love, trust and acceptance of your self so that you can move forward toward creating the life you want. It may be used to help heal these issues for others, but the main focus is on healing and empowerment for yourself.

Level 1 – Personal Empowerment in Communication
There are times when we need to be able to open the lines of communication with someone, whether it is in family, love or a business relationship. Sometimes no matter what we say and how often we try to get our intention across it is difficult; the other person may not be listening or doesn’t want to hear the truth because then they would have to face the situation or take responsibility. They may must be closed minded, set in their habits or resists new ideas, or they may make false judgments. This level works in the area of Communication to clear, clarify and open the path of communication within you.

Level 2 – Personal Empowerment in Confidence
When we lose our confidence or feel a sense of doubt about yourself you may begin to self-sabotage projects you are working on which reinforces the doubts that make you feel that you can’t accomplish your goals. This false programming can come from family or our peers. This level helps you to regain your self-confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities to achieve goals.

Level 3 – Personal Empowerment in Loving Worthiness
When you don’t feel worthy of love, abundance, and happiness, you are blocking your ability to receive these positive things that are meant to be yours. Feeling unworthy comes from your self-image and is often caused by messages we pick up from others or learn through being treated as if we are not of value. When others treat you disrespectfully you may begin to believe that you are not worth, continuing the cycle until you expect bad things all the time which gets you negative things. The energies of this level help you to transform yourself, your self-image perceptions and your belief in who you are into positive healthy beliefs and feelings, bringing healing on all levels to reveal the wonderful, whole, complete person you truly are.

The symbol for this system can be used with all three levels to help you make connection with the energies.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)