Pink Lotus Essence

Pink Lotus Essence is a master balancer of chakras and meridians. This essence works well to reconnect and stabilize the electromagnetic field and subtle bodies to create joy.

This system supports the opening of crown and root chakras, and also aids the hands and feet in balancing tasks of giving and receiving pranic energy. It cleanses negativity and aids in releasing and letting go.

Pink Lotus Essence supports an overworked nervous system, constipation, stomach difficulties, peace in home and mind, and also aids the release of karmic influences. It aids forgiveness, especially those who you feel have done wrong to you; this energy is epitomized by the feeling of grace that may be engendered. It s calming to the emotions and encourages you to develop feelings of love. Negative emotions may fall away as you release anger, fear, jealousy and patronizing beliefs such as feelings of superiority.

Founder: Ananda Jyothsana