Soul Care Levels 1-5

Soul Care assists you to connect more strongly with your soul and Eternal Sacred Source. The Shakti and Beings of Light who arrive are very happy to guide and heal you. Every time you activate a function or level of this system will be a comfort and reminder of your origins beyond this time and place. Soul Care seeks to bring you into wholeness, within your soul and bring more of you here.

There are 5 levels to Soul Care.

1. Level 1 contains the attunement to the Rainbow Bridge Shakti. These delicate yet powerful Divine Intelligences can perform precise Divine Functions. Rainbow Bridge Shakti is a Loving Divine Intelligence that you can ride with from here to where you connect into the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source.

2. Level 2 provides you access to a spiritual concept called Aspect Management, giving you an easy energetic way to mange the focus and activities various aspects of you are engaged in at any one time. Soul Care helps you to be aware of yourself and to choose Eternal Life if you so desire. The energy stream is the life regenerating codes for Eternal Life. This level helps you to manage the various aspects of yourself that can split of from you on a daily basis, giving you the spiritual confidence and freedom to expand and contract the concentration of your Divine Presence and power as need be in each moment.

3. Level 3 provides you with Soul Cleanse and Soul Lights. This attunement does the initial cleansing of any karma, codes, imprints, harnesses, implants, nano-technology or limiting programs that are not in alignment with the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source. Activating this function daily will ensure your optimal healing, growth and freedom. It is designed to facilitate soul parts to return to your soul. They are then worked with intensively by the Strength Movers of Light and your own Angels and other energetic helpers.

4. Level 4 prepares your soul to receive these parts directly so that there s a safe haven within you for them at the soul level. These soul parts are then more likely to heed your call to arrive to your soul instead of body.

5. Level 5 helps you to invite these soul parts and more of your soul to join you here in physicality. After they have descended, integration will be provided. These returning soul parts will be tended into alignment with Eternal Sacred Source, they will be listened to and receive any healing necessary.

Prerequisites: Anyone can receive this attunement if they are a sincere seeker. You must be a Reiki, Seichim or gTummo Master Teacher and and have completed all five levels of Soul Care to pass the attunement to others.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture