Sunstone~Moonstone Connection Empowerment To Buddha and Quan YinSunstone~Moonstone Connection Empowerment to Buddha and Quan Yin is wonderful for balancing your female and male aspects. It connects you to the healing properties of the sun and the moon and the powerful energetic forces of Yin and Yang as represented by Quan Yin and Buddha, and also in the crystals Moonstone and Sunstone. This is representative of the masculine and feminine attributes inherent in all of us.

An overabundance of moon (Yin) energy flowing through us may make us overly passive, unable to express ourselves fully, and unable to communicate our needs, resulting in feeling lethargic, weepy, and suffering with low self-confidence, self-esteem and depression. We can feel disconnected and out of step with reality.

The Moon represents the Yin aspect of us including sensitivity, receptivity, empathy, intuition and nurturing. The Moon works with our unconscious mind, through our dreams and imagination. It helps us get in touch with our deepest emotions, and is indicative of how we conduct our relationships and how we respond emotionally to situations. Moon energy helps create balance in mind, body and spirit.

Too much sun energy (Yang) may make us feel aggressive, hyperactive, quick to fly off the handle or more prone to suffering from stress and anxiety, or unable to relax, concentrate or sleep. When interacting with others we may come across as intimidating, controlling and overbearing.

Sun energy helps us to tap into our inner strength and our will to rise above fears and inhibitions, enabling us to breath through habitual patterns of behavior or negative cycles. Sun energy rules our willpower and the ego, helping you to reach your full potential and guide you along your true life path. it will give you the courage, endurance and willpower needed to achieve your goals. It represents how you integrate in the world through honesty and integrity, how you command respect and authority and the way you interact with others.

The manual of this system teaches you to do both a Sun Ritual and a Moon Ritual and how to use the energies of Sunstone and Moonstone.

Founders: Raine & Philip Hilton