Super DNA Lights IntegrativeSuper DNA Light Integrative is an energetic upgrade to DNA Light Integrative Attunements that unfolds at 300% more than the original system. it is an activation process in which the dormant DNA that mankind was created with is activated once again. It restores our original psychic abilities and our abilities to quickly manifest our desires. For those on a spiritual path, DNA Light Integrative essential puts you on the fast track for spiritual evolution, enabling you to spiritually achieve in three to ten years what takes most individuals a lifetime. You will experience universal truths as more than just concepts, they will be truly heart felt and part of every fiber of your being.

This system consists of 4 separate attunements.

  • Super Anchoring Light Attunement
  • Super Genetic Encoding Attunement
  • Super Universal Love Attunement
  • Super Divine Blueprint Attunement

The first attunement can be received either by Chi Ball or in real time.  Attunements 2, 3, and 4 are sent by chi ball.  There is a mandatory waiting period of at least three days between each attunement.

Prerequisite: DNA Light Integrative Attunements

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso