Humanity is now becoming aware of an extended system of Chakras beyond the first set of 7 chakras that have aided you well on your spiritual path and brought you to the place you are in now. There is also a yearning within that makes you feel that there is something more waiting to come through. The awareness of the extended system is the next step of spiritual evolution.

By the time you reach a point on your spiritual path where you feel able to work on the development of your higher chakras, you will have reached an understanding of how to tap into the energies of varying frequencies, not only to help your own spiritual progression but to also to heal Mother Earth. The idea that there are chakras higher than your crown chakra may be new to you. The purpose of these new chakras is to give you the ability to tap into your own inner god-self, the divine will and possible the galactic community that surrounds and supports the Earth and humankind on their spiritual evolution.

Each of the Celestial Chakras is a doorway, or a celestial gateway to various areas of the body, and is related to a Sub Chakra.

The Celestial Chakra Activation attunes you to the following:

8th Chakra – The Chakra of Inner Peace and Light
Sub Chakra 1 – Portal of the Earth Chakra

9th Chakra – The Chakra of the Lightworkers
Sub Chakra 2 – Balance with Gaia Chakra

10th Chakra – The Chakra of Wisdom
Sub Chakra 3 – Intarrestrial World Doorway Chakra

11th Chakra: The Chakra of the “I AM” Presence
Sub Chakra 4 – Elemental Co Creator Chakra

12th Chakra – The Chakra of the Higher Self
Sub Chakra 5 – The Heart of Gaia Chakra


LEVEL 2 – Prerequisite Level 1

The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 2 is a continuation of the original Celestial Chakra Activation. The continued energies of activation and awakening for your Celestial Chakras is being given to help you connect with realizing and aligning with your true self, your god self, and of course the galactic consciousness.

This system attunes you to three more of the upper chakras.

The 13th Chakra: you will be taken to within to a place where the separation between the spiritual world and the physical world will be at its thinnest, greatly increasing your ability to see, feel and hear spirit. Your psychic senses may be dramatically increased.

The 14th Chakra: This is the energy center of Peace and Harmony. Activating this chakra also helps you to begin a process of connecting and aligning more closely with the energies of your Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. You will move deeper into relaxation and enter the elusive and mysterious Theta State, giving your mind permission to expand beyond the limited restraints of 3rd dimensional reality, helping you to increase your creativity, enhance your learning, reduce stress and awaken intuitive and extrasensory skills.

The 15th Chakra over time will become your personal portal where you can travel to other dimensional realities as well as to connect to a vast host of heavenly beings such as the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guides, Elementals and other Galactic Masters who are coming forth at this time to help us with our spiritual evolution.


LEVEL 3 – Prerequisite Level 1, 2

The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 3 is a continuation of the original Celestial Chakra Activations.  It focuses upon the expansion of Chakras 16 – 22.  This continued expansion helps you know and realize that you are a Galactic Being living an Earthly Life. Through these Spiritual Activations your Consciousness will continue to resonate with the Celestial Community of Light Beings who support Mother Earth during her Evolutionary journey towards Galactic Transformation and Ascension.

The 16th Chakra:  is associated with Spiritual Ascension and becoming a being of Universal Oneness. As you begin the Ascension process there is a possibility that the 16th Chakra will descend into the Crown Chakra. When this Chakra is activated you need to make the decision whether you are going to stay in your Physical existence or if you are going to move beyond time and space so that you can exist within a state of Dimensional Consciousness.

The 17th Chakra:  is associated with Universal Light and corresponds to your Dimensional LightBody and the Divine Feminine Vibrations of Consciousness. Activating this Chakra allows you to feel a true sense of Oneness with ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT WILL BE.

The 18th Chakra: corresponds to Divine Intention and the ability to gain access to Past Life Wisdom as well as your Galactic Self. Quite often at this level of Consciousness, you will act as an ambassador for Earth in the deliverance of Channeled messages from the Ascended Masters and our Star Brothers and Sisters.

The 19th Chakra: is connected with the Heart and the Christ Conscious Energy, also known as the Great Cosmic Heartbeat. By expanding your awareness into that of the Christ Consciousness you will be granted a new understanding of the Cosmic Energy and a total detachment from the things which no longer serve your life’s path or your highest good.

The 20th Chakra:  enters into your Awareness when you are ready to accept full responsibility as a Co-Ruler with the Divine. Until this point, part of you may wish to place God on a Pedestal outside of your Conscious Self, rather than recognizing the Wisdom, Power and Might of the God within. The 20th Chakra is also associated with Beingness and the need to Communicate in a more expanded way through the Vibrations of Light.

The 21st Chakra:  is connected to the Divine Cellular Structure and the Awakening of your Dimensional 3rd Eye. As you have a 3rd Eye that allows your Psychic abilities to manifest within the 3rd Dimension you will awaken the Divine Cellular Structure of the 5th Dimensional 3rd Eye which evolves into a Crystal Ball of the Seer, Sage, the one who knows ALL, Witnesses ALL and experiences ALL but makes no judgment. This is simply the place within you were Self Love and Self-Acceptance reigns.

The 22nd Chakra:  completes the 3rd level of the Celestial Chakra Level 3 Attunement. The 5th Dimensional Crown Chakra becomes permanently aligned with all other Chakras. The 5th Dimensional Crown Chakra becomes a beacon of Clear Quartz which merges with the Vibrations of the Angelic Realms.


LEVEL 4 – Prerequisite Level 1, 2, 3,

The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 4 helps you connect with the Divine Being that you truly are meant to be. These Activations will also help you to activate your God Self and Christ Consciousness so that you will resonate at a Higher Vibrational Rate which in turn will increase the Power and Intensity of your Healing Abilities. In reality, you will begin to channel a much more refined energy to yourself and your clients during your Healing SessionsThe 23rd Chakra:  is also known as the Transmission Chakra.  When activated, your Consciousness is able to pass through the Cosmic Portal to access your Higher Consciousness (Higher Selves). It is here that you will meld into the Oneness of Divine Love.

The 24th Chakra: is also known as the teleportation chakra. It is often called The First Contact Portal. When this Portal is activated, the path is cleared to connect with all Humanoid Beings of Light within the Galaxy. Once this Chakra is unlocked and activated, your LightBody or Merkabah Space Time Vehicle is also activated and built up. This enables you to etherically Teleport to the realms of the Arcturians where you will receive an Etheric Scan and Healing by the Arcturian Technicians.

The 25th Chakra: is also known as The Unity of Christ Consciousness. It is a Gateway to increasing the Subtle and more sublime energies of oneness and unity with the vibrational energies of the Christ Consciousness and works to strengthen your connection with Source Energy. As this ehakra is activated, expanded and aligned with all other chakras within your spiritual body you will start to feel a sense of connection with everything and everyone. You will also be aware of being in multiple places at one time, or everywhere at once. The 25th Chakra also connects you to the Super Galactic Chakra, which allows you to enter the Great Galactic Core that is the Womb of Creation for the whole Universe.


LEVEL 5 – Prerequisite Level 1, 2, 3, 4 

The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 5 attunes you to the energies of 14 Dimensional Chakras which will reach further into the realms of the Celestial Masters and Galactic Consciousness. By the time you have worked with and activated the Chakras within levels 1-4, you will have reached a point of expanded awareness and personal ascension where you will have aligned, cleared and propelled yourself forward on your Spiritual Path.

This set of activations are now being given to help you connect with the Consciousness of the Celestial Masters and your Higher Self {Galactic Self}. The activations will also help you to activate the spark of the Christ Light that resides within your 3rd dimensional Higher Heart Chakra. You will also gain the Energetic Encoding to an Etheric Halo which is placed between your 7th and 8th Chakras. This Halo is designed to work with the Descension Process where your Celestial Chakras gain the ability to flow into and through the Physical Body and main Chakra System {1-7}. As this occurs, you will be able to bring forth a much more refined band of energy which you can tap into for Personal Healings, Meditations and Healings that you give to others.

Included in this level:

  • The Outer Dimensional Chakras – {4th & 5th Dimensions}
  •  Understanding the Dimensions
  •  The 3rd Dimension
  •  Creational Planes of Existence
  •  Information about the Chakras, Chakra Colours and Essential Oils
  •  How to work with the Celestial Chakras

Founder: Jay Burrell