Lightarian Angel Track Package


Lightarian AngelLinksThe Angel Links™ are a series of truly angelic connections designed to energetically link individuals with the Seraphim and Archangel levels of the Angelic Realms. The purpose of these attunements is to infuse you with the purest qualities and energy patterns of the angels. After becoming energetically connected with the Seraphim and the Archangels via the AngelLinks™, you will receive ongoing inspiration and support, encouraging you to express these angelic qualities in all areas of your life.

The Angelic Realms nurture, support and protect the expressions of human consciousness. Human expression and the Angelic Realms represent divine complements and bring a balance to all of life that has evolved. In a sense, the very presence of the Angelic Realms in our lives fulfills Prime Creator’s plan to provide unconditional support for humans, primarily through the expression of unconditional love, which is fundamental to the angelic experience.

Members of the Angelic Realms are etheric in nature, pure spirit, providing all manner of support to humans in the form of guidance, healing, protection and divine intervention when necessary. These divinely-sourced Beings embody the primary qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment and dedication to service. The angelic attitude is always positive. Angelic energies are the divine, “omnipresent glue” that holds together and supports our experience of humanity here on Earth. One of their principle roles is the fulfillment of the intentions created by humans. Different angelic beings carry varying levels of capabilities, wisdom and experience, which determine where each serves in the angelic hierarchy.

In addition to being the purest embodiment of divine unconditional love and non-judgment, all Angels carry these other essential attributes as they function at any level within their Realms:

1. Pure, clear communications throughout their hierarchy
2. Total understanding and practice of the principles of invocation and
intention when assisting human beings with the fulfillment of their
3. Loyalty and dedication to divine service
4. Ability to shape-shift, perform “magic” and manipulate natural forces
5. Possessing no hidden agendas or “stuff to work out” (the way humans do)
6. Avoidance of self-serving behavior, especially regarding the trap of
allowing themselves to “be adored” by humans.

An extraordinary transformation is occurring right now for humanity and our planet, a shift into a higher vibrational way of being. As Mother Earth changes and evolves, humanity will be stimulated to change, learn and grow. And as humanity spiritually evolves, Mother Earth will be moved to evolve and raise her vibration. We are all inextricably linked as our planet transitions into her higher vibrational state in order to be host to a new, higher vibrational form of humans that is emerging.

More and more humans around the globe are being sparked by their intuition, their inner promptings and “spiritual codings” to create new, exciting, expansive experiences, casting off the old, limiting ways of feeling, thinking and being! Humans are making way for new insights and realizations about themselves and the world around them. We are experiencing ourselves more as “spirit in body” instead of “a body with a tiny spark of spirit”! As we grow to take on more and more Light, each of us is engaging in a profound personal transformation, all taking place with divine support available from the Angelic Realms.

As the vibration level of our human/planetary energy system increases, all of the beings participating in and supporting the plan have more “open space” in which to operate. In a sense, the higher the vibrational state, the faster the process can move along. Given the presence of this higher vibrational condition, higher beings are now more easily able to work with humanity than every before!

A greater presence of our Guardian Angels and the Archangels is being experienced at this time. And even higher levels of the Angelic Realms, especially the Seraphim are now stepping forward to “ignite a burning flame of unconditional love” in the hearts of humanity to propel us more strongly along our paths to higher service in the Light. Traditionally, the Seraphim have not interacted with humans to the degree that the other members of the Angelic Realms have been known to do. However, since we are in the midst of a tremendous amping-up of energies for our global/human transformation, the Seraphim are lending more direct support for the process by creating the AngelLinks™, in general and especially the fist of the AngelLinks™ from Seraph Rose Aura.

An AngelLink™ is a simple, etheric energy connection that is permanently established between an individual and a particular angelic being. In general terms, the AngelLinks™ have been inspired by Seraph Rose Aura and the Archangels in order to pass on many of the qualities and energetic patterns embodied by these angels into the energy field of humans. Once recipients have been linked with the Angelic Realms in this energetic way, they are empowered to share the AngelLinks™ with others, serving as a conduit for propagating these angelic qualities and patterns throughout humanity.

The AngelLink™ connection with Seraph Rose Aura focuses on igniting the purest “flame” of unconditional angelic love in your heart space. It will serve as your initial introduction to the angelic energies in preparation for the unique and more focused traits embodied by each of the Archangels. Ultimately, AngelLink™ connects with the seven Archangels who will be available to you for more specific purposes to support you in your service in the Light during these changing and challenging times.

Effects stimulated by a particular AngelLink™ connection will be created over the entire spectrum of your energies, from your physical body to the highest levels of your etheric “inner vibrational landscape.” The specific purpose and function of each AngelLink™ is different and there are no specific time benchmarks or limits for the effects, which are stimulated by each. You will simple experience the loving, gentle unfolding of your truly individualized response to having a greater presence of angelic support in your life, all to serve highest and greatest purpose for you. After receiving a particular AngelLink™, you will have a new angelic guide to purposefully support all levels of your being, all in complete cooperation with your Higher Self.

Seraph Rose Aura’s AngelLink™:
In general terms, Rose Aura has inspired the creation of these angelic connections to facilitate the spread of unconditional love, non-judgment and other angelic traits around planet Earth. More specifically, via the Rose Aura AngelLink™, her intention is that a “flame of divine unconditional love” be deeply anchored into your energy fields, fully expanded within your heart and then lovingly passed on to others!

The effects of this AngelLink™ will be cumulative and probably be felt most strongly in your heart space. As you more fully integrate the angelic quality of divine unconditional love, the “angelic flame burning brightly in your heart” will begin to radiate its energies into all levels of your chakras and subtle energy bodies. Profound impacts may be felt in very palpable ways within your mental and emotional fields and ultimately within your physical body. In a holistic sense, as you begin to operate at a higher vibration of angelic, unconditional love of self, your experience of living will become more joyous and loving! And, as you open-heartedly share Rose Aura’s AngelLink™ with others, you will perhaps experience a deeper, richer sense of service in the Light than you may have had before.

During the creation of the AngelLink™, Rose Aura will be linking her energies with all levels of your being, in addition to creating a powerful overlighting presence for you in the physical plane. After this connection is made through the attunement, Rose Aura will be working in your “etheric background” as an Angelic Guide of the highest order to assist you in all matters related to the heart space…such as the expansion of unconditional love of self and others. She will also serve as a spiritual guide for all levels of your energies as your spiritual development accelerates. In a very conscious way, Rose Aura will always be available to you at any time. If you wish, you could cultivate your connection with her through meditation, prayer, requests for guidance, etc.

These Lightarian AngelLink™ connections were inspired by Seraph Rose Aura and the Archangels in order to infuse the highest angelic qualities and traits into the human experience.

Archangel Michael’s AngelLink™:
Archangel Michael is perhaps the best known of the Archangels. His presence, interaction and support for virtually every human culture on planet Earth has been well documented over eons of time of humanity’s existence here. In one form or another, in cultural, social and religious contexts well beyond the familiar Judeo-Christian one, Michael has made his presence known and has had extraordinary impact on human affairs.

Although Archangel Michael’s Divine theme is “Love”, he is stepping forward to support us in two new areas. His principle focus provides us with the highest vibrational energies of non-judgment for humanity. As a secondary theme for this AngelLink™, Archangel Michael will be offering recipients support and angelic guidance to assist you in successfully “navigating” within the etheric realms. This support will stimulate and encourage you regarding your possible interests in telepathy, channeling and conscious travel into the etheric realms.

Archangel Raphael’s AngelLink:
Archangel Raphael’s dominant theme is “courage” with a focus also on “divine healing.” His role in human affairs has been powerful and ongoing. He has been present and highly interactive with virtually every human culture on planet Earth, providing encouragement and healing to those being challenged by the human experience. Perhaps more than any of the other Archangels, Raphael has demonstrated angelic action in more dramatic ways, often in the form of angelic interventions in human affairs when deemed necessary. In one form or another, in many cultural, social and religious contexts, Raphael has made his presence known.

Archangel Raphael has stepped forward to support us with an infusion of angelic courage and divine healing. There is an energetic purity about his “energies of courage” that has long been absent in the actions of humans. Throughout our history, what has been called courageous human activity ahs often been the demonstration of human ego and misdirected anger. As our planetary vibration increases and humans are being challenged to raise their energy levels to new heights, many of us are being called upon to step into our new roles of higher service for the coming times. Courageous action of the highest, most refined level will be required of many! The Archangel Raphael AngelLink™ will stimulate this highest vibrational quality of refined, pure courageous action within us.

Another aspect of Raphael’s AngelLink™ will provide you with his support to more fully illuminate the way for yourself as you courageously step forward into the new paradigm of our global human transformation. He will help you “light your way” more effectively, so that you can more clearly see the challenges, the hurdles and the potholes along the way, and also more clearly see the opportunities and the spiritual rewards that lay ahead. As you better light your way into the future, a sense of divine, angelic courageous action will come more naturally to you.

Archangel Raphael’s AngelLink™ will also provide support for you in your healing process. Raphael is the “divine healer.” As we all know, the state of “being healed” is simply one of “being in a natural balance” within one’s self, others and the environment around you. Archangel Raphael can assist you in your process of healing…the return to natural balance in all areas of your life. He will help you to call upon the “divine healer” that each of us has within ourselves. As with any healing situation, your courageous will and intent are paramount if healing is to take place, especially regarding any challenging emotional and mental issues you may be dealing with. You must take an active role in your own healing and always hold the intention that your highest and greatest good will be served as you move through your healing process.

Archangel Uriel’s AngelLink™:
Archangel Uriel’s dominant theme is “angelic beauty”. Regarding our planetary experience here on Earth, Archangel Uriel has been the “guiding hand” and overseer of earthly beauty in all of its forms. He guides and directs the Nature Spirits who inhabit this planet. He also represents the purest reflection of the beauty of “The One” (Prime Creator), and helps to impart his sense of pure, divine beauty into the hearts and surroundings of mankind. However, until recently, his role in human affairs has been more indirect, in the background. He is stepping forward at this time to share his energies with humanity to expand our appreciating and “receptivity” to beauty and to stimulate our expression of beauty throughout our creative activities.

Archangel Uriel has stepped forward to support us with an infusion of “angelic beauty.” As humanity begins to raise its vibration in order to keep up with the increasing planetary vibration, many of us are experiencing a growing need, often felt as an urgency, to better expand and develop our inner beauty, as well as having a greater expression of beauty within our personal environment. Archangel Uriel can support us in experiencing this greater sense of beauty in our lives. He can assist us in expanding our appreciation of ourselves, and our life circumstances, allowing us to more clearly see all the beauty that already exists around us. Through the heightening of your senses of angelic openness, patience, acceptance and receptivity, your existing life conditions, including your sense of Self will be experienced in fresh new ways. Greater levels of appreciation will be stimulated within you. Uriel can also assist us by enhancing our abilities to express beauty in all that we think, say and do.

Archangel Gabriel’s AngelLink™:
Archangel Gabriel’s dominant theme is “angelic joy.” Gabriel’s nature is one of pure joy and as such, he has long provided humanity with ongoing support as we all search for and often struggle with the creation of joy in our lives. He offers you, through his AngelLink™, inspiration and divine inner strength during times of great challenge, those times when there appears to be little to be joyful about. Gabriel is also traditionally known as the great communicator for the Divine. So he is especially able to help you with inner communications in your outer, day-to-day life. In his role as communicator, he also serves as the announcer and harbinger of good news and information. At this particular time he is heralding in special new energies that are beginning to flow into our global-human energy system to ultimately prepare us all for our next spiritual evolutionary leap.

Gabriel offers a dominant aspect of energy related to “being” and a secondary aspect related to “doing.” He is here to teach us to take time to recognize and experience the exiting joys that abound for us and to manifest new and exciting levels of joy in our lives. He can help you to find what “makes your heart sing.” Archangel Gabriel works in the background and can assist you in expanding your capacity for having and experiencing joy in all aspects of your life.

Lightarian AngelLinks™ can be received by anyone without any prerequisites. The attunements are sent distantly, and are received by you participating in a guided meditation. The energies can be sent either in real time or by chi ball.

You will be registered with the Lightarian Institute upon completion of the course, allowing you to be able to pass the attunements to others and order manuals yourself from the Lightarian Institute.

E-manuals will be sent to you from the Lightarian Institute.  After you have made your purchase, I will contact them on your behalf.



Lightarian Purification RingsLightarian Purification Rings™ can be received by anyone with no prerequisites, however it is recommended by the Lightarian Institute that you receive all the levels of Lightarian AngelLinks™ before become attuned to the Purification Rings™.

Each of the six levels of Purification Rings™ serve as a prerequisite to the next level. There is a seven-day waiting period between receiving each level.

The Lightarian Purification Rings™ are a series of seraphic connections designed to energetically link individuals with the Seraphim levels, the highest level of the Angelic Realm. The purpose of these attunements is to infuse you with the purest qualities and energy patterns of the Seraphim. After the connection you will receive continuing inspiration and support, encouraging you to express these seraphic qualities in all areas of your life, and aid you in your spiritual development.

The Seraphim are the highest vibrational level within the Angelic Realm. They represent the First Choir of the Supreme Hierarch of the Angels. Their name means “the burning ones”, indicating the fire of love of Prime Creator. They are the highest expression of divine love. Because of their higher vibrational strata within the Angelic Realms, the Seraphim have historically been quite removed from humanity but have now been prompted to come forward at this time to support our global/human transformation. These highest of angelic beings carry an extraordinary level of joy and sense of humor, they embody the highest sense of divine joy in all they do.

The Seraphim do not have names. Instead they are attached to certain vibrations and are referred to with letters assigned to particular groups.

A Purification Ring™ is a simple, etheric energy connection that is permanently established between an individual and a particular seraphic group. They have been inspired by the Seraphim to pass on many of the qualities and energetic patterns embodied by them into the energy fields of humans. Once recipients have been linked with the Seraphic Realms in this energetic way, they are empowered to share the Purification Rings™ with others. The Purification Rings™ create a unique, empowering relationship between the Seraphim and all levels of your energies. This connection provides continuing seraphic support to all levels of your being as you move to higher levels of spiritual service.

Effects stimulated by the Purification Rings™ connection will be created over the entire spectrum of your energies, from your physical body to the highest levels of your etheric vibrational chain. You will experience the loving, gentle unfolding of your individualized response to having a greater presence of seraphic support in your life. After receiving each Purification Ring™ you will have a new seraphic group guiding and supporting you on all levels of your being, in complete cooperation with your Higher Self. They are designed to bring all into a state of harmony.

Level One: The Seraphim Y
The Seraphim Y group slowly acclimates to a person’s energy field so as to not overpower it. They assertively implement changes, and through this attunement they will transfer such abilities to you. Their energy is matter-of-fact – they keep it simple by making events happen quickly and efficiently. If you choose to, you will inherit the same abilities of accepting the whole as it is without categorizing and breaking down aspects within life in an attempt to take control of events. By accepting all, you will be able to move through what no longer serves you. Level One serves as a foundation for all of the following levels.

During this attunement Seraphim Y spreads the Blue Flame of Wholeness through your heart chakra and begins the process of reformatting your genetic encodings and personal perspectives.

Level Two: Seraphim C
The Seraphim C group will assist you with the physical metamorphosis of your physical body. This level focuses on pure, clear communications and the interpretation of information you receive through your five senses. Profound impacts may be felt within the mental and emotional fields and ultimately within the physical body as the partitions separating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your being are removed. You will begin to operate at a higher vibration of seraphic wholeness and harmonics, and living will become more joyous and loving.

Currently, a crystallization process is present in most people that allows divine light to enter but prevents its integration into your being entirely. By removing the barriers, all aspects of your self are able to merge and true manifestation can begin. Seraphim C assist in the removal of the barriers and the integration of all aspects of your being.

During this attunement Seraphim C instills a crystal skull into your crown chakra to reformat your frontal lobe to interpret sensory information wholly.

Level Three: Seraphim V
The Seraphim V group will assist you with removing the cloak of fear presently in place that is used to protect yourself. This Purification Ring™ assists the energetic integration of All That Is – love, as it permeates your being, as well as the choices you make while in human form.

Seraphim V will bring illumination for understanding and quick transformation, helping you to have a clean slate of mind so that you can authentically and with free will make the choice to stand in love. They bring forth joy, laughter, thoughtfulness and lightness. They help other stand in their courageous action, stirring feelings of tenacity, strength and power within you.

This level focuses on releasing “hidden agendas” and “stuff to work out” by removing the cloak present in your energy field, created through fear when entering the human form. With the removal of the cloak you will stand in love, fully revealed and living in your truth. Fear will recede as love is fully allowed to enter your energy field.

During this attunement Seraphim V instills a silver line through your crown chakra and downward where it will shadow your spine. This gift enables you to tap into your strength and sense of Self without fear.

Level Four: Seraphim Z
Seraphim Z will assist you with removing the grief stored in your physical being. Unresolved grief causes fractures within the soul, which need to be healed before the soul can become whole. When the grief is not dealt with it can cause feelings of incompleteness, sadness and yearning. Seraphim Z’s extremely high energy vibration is very finely. Their influence is a reflection of the purest Light, Energy and Love.

Grief comes in many forms and through many situations. It can be caused not only by death, but also through the loss of a job, living situation or house. It may be due to unforeseen change, and may occur gradually or quickly. When you are not entirely able or willing to accept change, the need to grieve may arise. This attunement enables you to be truly one with Divine love.

After releasing the grief you have stored in your body, Seraphim Z will fill those areas with Divine love. They help you to release self-serving behavior whether it is through diverting attention away from yourself or attracting it to other areas of your life to avoid grieving.

During this attunement Seraphim Z will instill a rainbow circle into your heart chakra, representing wholeness and completeness.

Level Five: The Seraphim Representatives of all groups
Purification Rings™ level five focuses on the total understanding and practice of invocation and intention as anchored in a state of pure bliss.

During this attunement the Seraphim representatives will invoke the Blue Flame for you to stand in completely. While standing in the blue flame, you will experience divine beauty and bliss. It is these feelings that you will recognize and utilize when invoking an intention.

Level Six: Seraphim K
Seraphim K will assist you with learning how to accept and create the unexpected. It is natural to fear the unknown, yet by rejecting events that cannot be explained, you limit your ability to create the reality you wish. You may be able to accept an outcome but if your mind continues to question how it occurred you can prevent yourself from fully enjoying the ‘magic’ you have manifested.

Seraphim K embody a very playful energy. They rejoice in the unexpected and promote viewing life “outside the box” by not allowing your self to be constrained by the explanations we rely upon to understand life’s events. They are often linked with the legendary wizard Merlin of Arthurian times known for his wisdom and the ability to manipulate and communicate with natural forces.

During this attunement Seraphim K will work with the creative area of your brain to expand your ability to create through sound. They will also instill gold musical notes to your throat chakra. Next they will invoke Mother Earth and Father Sky to adjust your vibrations, and give you the ability to transform all that is surrounding you for the highest and greatest good. You will be able to manipulate the natural forces and create ‘magic’.

There is a seven day waiting period between receiving each level of this system.

E-manuals will be sent to you from the Lightarian Institute.  After you have made your purchase, I will contact them on your behalf.


The Lightarian Angel Track:  $429


E-manuals will be sent from the LIghtarian Institute to me.  After you have made your purchase, I will contact them on your behalf.  You will be billed separately for the cost of the manuals.