The Absolute Confidence Empowerment

The Absolute Confidence Empowerment is designed to give more confidence in ourselves and our abilities to manifest what we truly desire in all areas of our lives, so that we can be the Conscious Creators we are designed to be.

As you work with the energies of this system you will be confident in your ability to obtain any goal that you desire. You will move out of your conventional view of confidence, so that it is not contingent on outer circumstances or your mental or emotional state. It will be free of any limitation, condition or situation. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in your confidence will be unflappable and you will stand firm! This allows you to operate from your innate Infinite Goodness and Divine Like Nature and connect you to the truth about yourself – that you are basically good, deserve goodness and already are connected to All that you need to manifest your desires.

You will gain Absolute Confidence, Faith and Trust in your abilities, gifts, talents, decisions and intuition. You will develop Absolute trust, love, acceptance and respect for the Self. Fear will leave you. Fear of the unknown will no longer serve as a block to your success. You will be able to stand up for what you believe in with conviction and courage. Assertiveness and communication skills will be enhanced. You will cultivate courage and stamina to risk and engage so that you experience greater joy, feelings of aliveness and participate in live. You will get in touch with your strengths and discover the best ways to use them, enabling you to get in touch with what you are truly passionate about and provide you the energy needed to pursue your passions.

At last, you will be happy about who you are! You will radiate happiness, contentment and joy!

Benefits of this system:
• Faith and trust in abilities, gifts, talents, decisions, intuition
• A knowing that you are a valuable person and that your contributions are needed and make a difference
• Development of trust, love, acceptance and respect for the Self
• Freedom from fear of the unknown
• Ability to stand up for what you believe in
• Courage to take risks
• Discovery of hidden or dormant strengths and the best way to use them
• Authenticity
• Release from self-punishment, self-criticism, self-berating
• Happiness in authentic self
• Make positive changes in life
• Confident decision-making
• Attainment of goals
• Manifestation of dreams and desires
• Enhanced ability to tap into inner wisdom
• Make crisis time decisions with confidence
• Freedom from self-doubt
• And More

Founder: Tracey Loper