The Galactic-Self Activation


There are many levels of consciousness that reside within each and every one of us, but for a vast majority of people they will only use the most limited or restricted level of consciousness which is that of the lower self or the ego mind. This level of consciousness directly corresponds to the parameters of the 3rd dimensional reality which is the realm of space, time and density. Beyond this is the level of the Soul Self, also known as the Galactic Self. It is through the re-connection of your Soul/Self/Galactic Self that you will receive pure spiritual guidance to help awaken and expand your natural born abilities of experiencing states of pure oneness where space and time no longer exist in a way that you believe them to be. It is through the Galactic-Self Empowerment that you will also give divine permission to your energy body so that it will become a magnet for higher bands of vibrational energies which in turn result in you becoming much more sensitive to the divine spark that resides within you.

As human beings we are now entering a state of galactic awareness where the creation of subtle yet highly evolved energies are being given to us. These subtle energetic shifts are also occurring for our blessed Mother Earth as she embarks on a new journey towards enlightenment and ascension into the next band of vibrational energies.

Through your attunement to the Galactic-Self Activation you will start a process of expanding your conscious and subconscious awareness through the opening of your energy channels so you can become a pure vessel for Universal Light. This expansion of personal energies will help you to merge your Physical/Spiritual Consciousness with that of your Galactic Consciousness, creating an energetic state of complete balance and divine alignment. You will begin to change the less wholesome experiences such as feelings of Fear, Anxiety, Ego, Vanity, Fatigue, Uninspired Awareness, Loneliness, Self-absorption, Egotistical behavior and thinking, so they may be transmuted back into the purest energies of divine light.

Benefits of The Galactic-Self Activation:
• It is a spiritual tool from the Celestial Hierarch for advanced healing and spiritual enlightenment, gifted to us at this time to enable you to awaken and receive the transformational energies of the cosmic consciousness and your Galactic-Self.
• It will only allow positive subtle energy movements to work in a positive direction and give a positive spin of energy around the physical body.
• It acts as a rectifier of energies by keeping the body’s subtle energy field in perfect balance and harmony.
• It connects and filters the cosmic energies flowing into the human body to bring increased harmony and balance to the body’s electrical system.
• Helps you to emit a resonate energetic frequency that synchronizes and promotes a healthy bio-energy field to aid you in your connections with your Higher Self and our light being friends.
• Facilitates communication with higher dimensional entities including spirit guides, Ascended Masters, archangels, elementals and our space brothers and sisters.
• Encourages and speeds up the Ascension Process and usually latent psychic abilities leading to greater connectedness and enhanced intuitive perception.
• Stabilizes and harmonizes the human bio-energy field.
• Works by emitting neutralizing and balancing stray electromagnetic field frequencies to which we are exposed to on a daily basis.

During your attunement you will receive the spiritual blessings of etheric crystalline structures that when activated will flood your physical and spiritual bodies with their vibrational frequencies and etheric spiritual properties.


Prerequisites:  The Celestial Starseed Activation and Reiki Master Teacher.



The Galactic-Self Activation Level 2 is a continuation of the Galactic-Self Distant Attunement and can only be received by those who have been attuned to the original energies.

The Galactic Portals are etheric interdimensional vortexes of energy which allow the astral self to travel to their galactic home as well as the many other galactic portals that exist in the multitude of celestial homes that exist within our galaxy and beyond. You will not only gain entrance to your own galactic home but you will also be given advanced energy training which will enable you to travel outside of our galaxy. This may take many months or years to fully integrate into your present reality.

Meditation opens a portal to many dimensional realities. When you enter a deep state of meditation, your awareness detaches from your daily thought stream and your identification with emotion, memory, time and body begins to fall away. You become aware of something different and mysterious. You will begin a process of deep inner healing which over time will flow into your consciousness mind and everyday life. You will gain a sense of having access to the whole universe and also to that which the universe exists within.

The Andromeda Galactic Portal
The vibrational frequencies of the Andromeda Galactic Portal are of any extremely high intensity and force us to open ourselves up to the expansiveness of the divine creational light. This activation gives you the ability to meld your etheric body with this life force so that you can become more fluid in your thoughts and actions. You will gain the ability to accelerate your spiritual awareness to a new level of understanding where you begin to remove the illusions of separation so that you can rejoin with the collective consciousness of the divine creational light.

The Arcturian Galactic Portal
The Arcturians are universally known as the healers of the universe. They can assist you with pain or emotional distress. This Galactic Portal is where you will find the Rainbow Guides, who are experts at managing the energy field of every living being. They specialize in bringing alignment and balance within your present live and also across many dimensions and planetary systems.

The Orion Galactic Portal
This Portal connects you with the energies of the Orion Masters. It helps you to embody and emanate the highest level of personal power that you can achieve in your current lifetime so that you can become a being who is constantly in service to humanity and God/Goddess/Spirit. Through this activation the Orion Masters help you to step into your inner power and discover that you are stronger than you think you are. You may be able to discover that your life’s mission is even greater than you realized.

The Sirian Galactic Portal
This portal connects you with the Sirian Council and Mother Earth will give you the strongest alignment that you have ever felt, especially if you are a starseed who finds it very difficult to live within the dense energies of planet Earth. This attunement reconnects you to the deep sense of personal meaning and wellbeing that we all crave as conscious beings. It heals feelings of separation from our galactic home and motivates us to engage with our life’s mission.

The Pleiadian Galactic Portal
The Pleiadian Masters will help anchor your energies and consciousness into the realms of pure divine love. They will help you to ground this higher vibrational consciousness by finding ways to express it within the physical world, and connecting with the creative energies to help you bring more light into your life. You will begin to see the TRUE beauty in all things. These energies are for anyone who is an artist, musician, dancer or within the creative arts or wants to expand their interesting into these areas. The Pleaidian Portal is one of FUN, JOY, LAUGHTER & LOVE!

Prerequisite:  Level One


Founder: Jay Burrell