Therapeutic Lavender Ray

Therapeutic Lavender Ray awakens you to your true spiritual essence, helping you to embrace your spiritual birthright and make it a reality. It aligns and integrates all of your bodies – physical, emotional, causal, mental and intuitive. As your physical and subtle bodies move toward greater alignment and cooperation they become more aware of each other. This increased awareness further improves alignment and enhances the flow of life energy throughout your entire being.

When you work with Therapeutic Lavender Ray the energy radiates into your entire aura. There the Lavender energy begins to abolish the negative energies that weigh you down and prevent your physical and subtle bodies from aligning themselves. It also strongly encourages all your chakras in all your bodies to move into better alignment with each other, inspiring them to cooperate with each other.

Old issues come to the surface for resolution and old blockages are released. The energies that have been stuck begin to flow freely, relieving you of long time burdens. More life force can flow through your chakras to nourish and balance you on every level. As a result, you become stronger, more creative and more loving.

This system helps you to master yourself on all levels by increasing your awareness of your inner aspects, your spiritual essence and your connection with spirit. When all aspects of your being become aligned, an unobstructed channel is opened so that the life force can flow to the physical plane. The natural result is an expansion of consciousness and a spiritual awakening.

Therapeutic Lavender Ray can improve the effectiveness of any type of energy therapy and can help with illnesses that are difficult to diagnose or that don’t fit textbook descriptions. It helps to alleviate pain caused by misaligned bones in the skull, vertebrae or sacrum and can prepare you for surgery or a detox program.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso