Transcendtal-Healing-EnergyTranscendental Healing Energy was channeled to infuse you with restorative information. It bathes you in a super conductive energy field that enlivens creative intelligence at its source. It restores the genetic perfection inherent in our original blueprint and is a natural process of self-regeneration found at the subatomic level, manifesting into the cellular functions.

When you enter the Transcendental Healing Energy field it initiates a bio-resonant process that entrains the mind/body cellular consciousness to manifest and function at its highest potential of coherence and divinely orchestrated orderliness.

Benefits of this attunement:
• Promotes longevity and prevents aging
• Enhances whole mind/body purification
• Increases covalent level of hydrogen atoms that hold DNA together
• Restores neurotransmitter balance to manage anxiety, depression, appetite, insomnia, headaches, hormonal levels
• Increases alertness, super-learning, creative problem solving
• Increases connection between the universal love energy of God that is limitless, beyond time and space
• Accelerated healing and rejuvenation
• Improved sleep
• Increased calmness, peace and harmony
• Balances left/right hemisphere of the brain
• Increased energy and physical stamina
• Improved performance, concentration, focus
• Greater emotional clarity and freedom
• Better mental health and relief from depression
• Reduced effects of past traumas
• Better response to stress
• Rapid post-surgical healing
• More presence, living in “the now”
• Enhanced learning capabilities and neurological function
• Greater self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love
• Relief from pain
• Improved immune function
Improved sense of wellbeing

This system can help you to achieve your maximum potential by recharging your energy.

Founder: Argandini Titisari