Unlimited Potential Chakras

The Unlimited Potential Chakras Attunements were channeled to create wonderful experiences that promote inner balance, peace and tranquility by assisting in the attunement of the 7 Chakra centers. This attunement also helps you to explore the unlimited potentials of the 7 Chakras in your subtle body. These 7 attunements are for very deep chakra therapy and transformation.

1. Manifestation Chakra Attunement
The base chakra is our pivotal point of stability and balance. This attunement helps to stabilize and balance this chakra and the energies and patterns that keep balance in all our chakras, our meridians and our energy bodies. It also helps to align kundalini energy.

2. Creativity Chakra Attunement
The sacral chakra is cleared, unlocking the creative potential of the Divine Mother. The pelvic area of the body is cleared so that it can anchor the Divine Mother aspect of the Divine Self, the place of manifestation and creation.

3. Blueprint Chakra Attunement
This attunement works with the solar plexus chakra, helping to connect us into the human design held within the Tree of Life. it is the blueprint of the Christ-self, the seat of our personal power and the center of our emotional feeling.

4. Love Chakra Attunement
This attunement helps to strengthen our heart chakra and self-love so that Divine Love can settle and be anchored in your heart-space, removing discord.

5. Communicator Chakra Attunement
This attunement embodies the power of the all-knowing silence and clears the throat chakra of imbalances and disharmony.

6. Lattice Chakra Attunement
This attunement helps to connect us to the Divine Grid which we connect to via our “True Eye”, closely related to our third eye. The Divine Grid is the aspect of the “Universal Grid” from which all energy in the universe comes.

7. Purity Chakra Attunement
This attunement works with the crown chakra so that it can be the holder of the light and resolves whatever is causing imbalances, enabling it to more effectively fulfill its intended purposes.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso