Ancestral Line Releasement TherapyAncestral line is inherited, imprinted and becoming part of your life. The unresolved remains of illness, anger, violence, and disharmony can impact your life today. By healing your ancestral line you can free yourself from everything that binds you, to live your live and to achieve all your dreams.

Ancestral Line Releasement Therapy is an energy which helps to dispel negative energy patterns imprinted on you from the ancestral line. It has the ability to diminish negative habits, dispel mental confusion, helps anger management, treats imbalances and removes blockages from your energy pathways. It reaches your deep subconscious mind to find the roots and bring them to the surface for release.

This system give you motivation, mental strength and courage to change your life, enhance your self-awareness to identify the root of your problem, increase your intuition and also your mental clarity to be able to see the big picture of your life, and gain a new perspective for yourself and your next generation.

Founder: Argandini Titisari