Dolphin Breath Initiation

• Unconditional Love
• Element: Water
• Wind: South
• Recalling the Child Within
• Medicine: Universal Harmony – Manna/Breath

Dolphins speak to us of the breath of life, the only ting that humans cannot go without for more than a few minutes. Within the breath we encounter the rhythm of energy that all life emits. In changing the rate or rhythmic texture of our breath, we can tap into any other life-form or creature. This is a very easy way to connect with divine energy coming from Great Spirit, as well as your own personal rhythms.

The Dolphin is the keeper of the sacred breath of life, and teaches us how to release emotions through Dolphin Breath. We can use the same technique to pull the stopper on our tensions and create total relaxation.

Manna is life force. Manna is present in every atom, and is Great Spirit’s essence. Dolphin teaches us how to use life-manna though our breath. It revitalizes each cell and organ, and breaks the limits and dimensions of physical reality so that we may enter the Dreamtime.

The manual for this system contains a lovely journey or meditation for you to take with Dolphin.

Founder: Wanda Ruffner