Eternal Trikaya Anointing

Eternal Trikaya is a synergy of the exalted, trinitized anointing energies of each set of these beings whose lives on Earth have been recorded in various sacred texts.

• Moses-Jesus-Elijah
• Metatron-Michael-Melchizedek
• Osiris-Goddess Isis-Horus

Their exalted presence when trinitized together brings new opportunities for you. Any old association their names may have previously evoked have been erased.

Have you ever wanted to receive an anointing rom the highest aspect of beings you have read about. If so, this energy system will be a great blessing for you. It is possible that some research into the nature of the beings during their incarnated life in a body here on Earth may be helpful to you. However if you do learn about their lives while they were here, please remember that you are calling upon the exalted aspect of their being from where they are now, not then.

Moses-Jesus-Elijah Eternal Trikaya Anointing energies are very helpful for day to day life projects that help to maintain the spiritual perspective while being grounded in the necessary mundane in order to provide for the basic needs of you and your family. You will be a light for those who need to be exposed to exalted life affirming energies whilst in the middle of doing daily tasks.

The Eternal Trikaya of Metatron-Michael-Melchizedek can be enjoyable when doing divination or intercessory work. When it is necessary to make a big decision or you need to help a loved one make a decision be sure to wear your Metatron-Michael-Melchizedek Eternal Trikaya cloak. Their energies, surrounding and uplifting you will help you to more clearly know the right choice to make or advise.

Osiris has been associated with resurrection and also fertility of lands. Goddess Isis is very protective of those She oversees. She will also give the gift of power to enliven rituals so that they are more effective here in this reality. Horus is usually drawn with a falcon head depicting him as one of the gods of the sky.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

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