High Leap Business Empowerment

High Leap Business Empowerment helps you in creating a high leap in your business, and you will be helped to prepare all your necessary measures. This energy helps you to start moving actively in strengthening the basis of your business in order to always be able to benefit and to use sufficient time to improve your knowledge so you can adapt quickly in varied conditions and environmental changes. You are helped to be able to bequeath the properties and code of ethics, spirit and a noble purpose in workers or your colleagues in order to collect support and energy to flow in a positive direction. This large energy vortex can attract a lot of positive possibilities and helps encourage you to bring forth the evolution of your business.

The energies of this system empower you to do cleaning, healing and treatment for yourself and your place of business and may also be used for others. You also will be able to activate High Leap Business Empowerment for your office or business. A meditation given in the manual helps you to further connect to the energies.

Founder: Jalu Wasonoadi