7 Facet Seichim

Seichim energy systems work with healing and transformation. They were developed from the original practices of Patrick Zeigler in 1980, after having stayed overnight in the Great Pyramid. Like Reiki, Seichim energy is drawn from the limitless source of the Universe.

7 Facet Seichim is also known as renegade Reiki. It attunes you to symbols and provides you with meditations to connect to Universal energy for healing and spiritual growth. You will learn a meditation to connect to the living light energy.

Facet One – The Power Level. This level introduces you to experiencing the Seichim energy. You will be attuned to two symbols and teaches you how to scan the body to discover the places most in need.

Facet Two – Body and Emotional Integration of the Seichim Energy and experiencing the dimensional aspects of the Seichim. At this level you are provided with two more symbols, suggested meditations and suggested healings and activities using these symbols.

Facet Three – Using Seichim to Empower Inanimate Objects. You will learn a symbol that can be used to awaken your car, your bed for better sleep, empower your food or your clothing, your clothing before a job interview or business meeting, your house or office and much more. A meditation is given for connecting to the energy of this symbol and you are taught how to use the Cosmic Healing Bank, a ‘place’ that healings and blessings can be stored.

Facet Four – Experience AngelWings, opening blockages and sealing in energy
AngelWings is the Realization of Potential. It can be used on everything. Meditating with it frees us to change and grow, and more fully connect with the Universe. Techniques are given to help remove blockages.

Facet Five – Achieving Balance, Wholeness and Emotional Integration
Everything in creation seeks balance. The symbol for this level expresses a unification of the parts of ourselves that are dual in nature. It is used to balance the Masculine and Feminine energies in a person, and to find balance in ourselves and can also be used in healings.

Facet Six – Align Higher and lower selves. The symbol in this level Aligns the higher, lower and God self so that they all work together for the highest good of the individual. It represents the flow of energy from the divine, through our ‘selves’. This Facet is an important cleanse and can bring about big changes in one’s life. It will bring to the fore ideas and conditionings that you may need to address as you come more into focus with your life’s plan and mission.

Facet Seven – Becoming the Infinity, Vision and Insight, enlightenment and mastery. You will be attuned to a symbol that is used to open the Third Eye and gives Endless Inner Sight. It allows you to see through the veils of illusion and enhances psychic sight, and enhances your ability to scan the body. Another symbol of this facet represents the Great Shining Light that Seichim is.

There are no prerequisites to receive this system but you must be a Usui or Seichim Master to attune others.

Founders: Patrick Zeigler, T’Om Seaman and Ken Lowry