Magick Reiki Confidence

Magick Reiki Confidence is an energy infused system that combines magick and Reiki. The energies continuously renew and cannot be used up.

This system connects you to your Higher Self and Spirit. It works to raise your confidence so that you can be successful. It brings in the power of belief and faith in yourself. There is courage and strength of personal power added to this energy system. Use it to help you stand in your personal power and be successful.

If your confidence is high your appearance radiates success. It literally shines through you to reach out to others. It has a good vibration and others feel and sense it even if they don’t understand what it is about you that draws them to you.

This system fills you with self love and belief in yourself. You will discover that others want to be around you more and they want to do business with you.

You will be attuned to a symbol to connect you to the energies, filling you with charisma and spreading personal strength and empowerment throughout you.

Use this system any time you have a meeting, job interview, or anything you have to do that requires you to feel confident and positive.

May your confidence always be high and beautiful! So be it!

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)