Soul Connection

Soul Connection energy system provides the healthy connection for two souls to visit. You will consciously travel up to your soul and from that level of your being, go to their soul. There will be no visiting form you, here in your body to the other person’s body. This energy system is facilitating a communing at a sacred soul level for both persons. You will be aware of the visit, consciously guiding it, but there will probably not be much that happens between the two of you which you will not be allowed to witness.

Soul Connection fosters healthy connection between people that may be difficult to achieve here on Earth. Some of what happens will be on a level that your conscious awareness will not grasp. This system allows only that which the other person, at their soul level accepts and wants to happen.

The Azure Shakti is a sentient Eternal Divine Intelligence that can bring you into full contact with your own soul. After taking you on a spiritual journey up to your soul, the Azure Shakti causes you to become consciously aware of your soul, from here, within your own body. The Azure Shakti may bring a stronger concentration of your soul energy to you, in your body, if you are ready for this experience.

The Azure Shakti provides a unique experience of your own soul, bridging the gap between embodiment here in physicality and all that you are! It may, upon occasion, bring your conscious awareness up into the fullness of your soul to help you learn about yourself. When you receive your attunement to your own personal Azure Shakti, you are receiving a highly personalized Shakti who bears the energy signature of your soul. Your Azure Shakti will only be working with you, bridging your connection with your soul, from this reality to “where” your soul is. It is the ultimate spiritual helper for learning about your soul and bringing more of your soul energy to reside within your body.

For Level 2 of Soul Connection, the Azure Shakti acts as a captain and guides the Soul Connection (transportation vehicle with you within) to the person’s soul you want to connect with.

For Level 3 of Soul Connection, the Azure Shakti will guide your Soul Connection vehicle with you in it to the Angel or Deity or Saint you wish to commune with.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

If you intend to share this system with others for Personal Use only you will need to purchase that manual to provide to your students and clients.

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