Spirit of the Sea - Dolphin - Healing, Joy, Communication

Spirits of the Sea – Dolphin – Healing, Joy, Communication System connects you to the spirit of the dolphin for healing and empowerment. Dolphin energy is powerful and brings in laughter, joy and helps transmute negative energies to happy flowing energies. Dolphin energy also brings in improved communications with others and with looking within.

The dolphin is a social animal that enjoys relationships with family and friends but they love playing and enjoying life. They are protective, intelligent and work in cooperation with others.

The energies of dolphins are healing. They bring in love and caring, and powerful, strong and compassionate. Working with dolphin energies will help you to release stress as you allow soothing and calming to fill your soul.

Dolphins are spirits of the sea and as such they have a strong connection to the moon, water, and the Goddess. They will help you with self-empowerment, reflection, cleansing, strength and resourcefulness. They can help you to accomplish your goals and also help everyone in your family cooperate more and work together.

Dolphin healing assists with healing yourself and others. They are sensitive to illness and can be therapeutic for people with emotional, mental or physical issues and illnesses.

Dolphins love to have fun. They can help you take time to enjoy yourself, lift your spirits and lighten your burdens. The energy is flowing, very healing and happy!

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you work with the energies of this system.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)