The Lessons Of Karma High Energy Lightwork

This very high energy system connects you to Universal Source/Unfinite Intelligence, and opens you to your higher self. It works to help you understand karma and the issues associated with it that often give us trouble in our lives. As you work with the energies and come into understanding enlightenment, you will discover how to best work with the Karmic Laws of the Universe to improve your life and your situation.

With each Karmic Lesson you face in your life, you are subject to a corresponding Karmic Law that requires understanding as a key to unlocking any challenges that exist within the realm of Karma. This system helps you with understanding and enlightenment, putting the key in your hands. It works to move you beyond the physical mundane realms and into ascension as you discover how the Karmic Laws work and are empowered to use them for release.

Improving your life and your situation is a life altering result of these powerful energies if you allow it. It is an expansive, high energy Reiki system that brings empowerment in body, mind and spirit.

Karma is not a punishment it is a lesson. No matter what challenge you are facing, the Karmic Laws can hold you there until you understand what is happening and do things differently. Karma guides you to expand and grow, holding you in one energy until you are ready to move to another energy level.

The manual covers the following types of Karma and includes a symbol for working with each of them.

Money Karma
Love Karma
Family Karma (including DNA)
Nature Karma
Creative Karma
Environment Karma

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)