The Wellspring of Manifestation

The Wellspring of Manifestation connects you to Water Spirit and Goddess Coventina for power, wish fulfillment and manifestation.

Manifestation Clearing:
Manifestations cannot be made manifest in the presence of negativity. It is necessary to clear blocked and stagnant energies in order for manifestation energies to establish themselves. Manifestation with Goddess Coventina works for assistance in clearing stagnant or blocked chi manifestation flow.

Invoke Manifestation of:
Bright New Beginnings
Career Advancement
Desires Fulfilled
Foretelling Future Events
Metaphysical Abilities
Sexual Aptitude
Strengthening of Personal Power
Wealth Increase
And Much More – Be Creative With Her Energies!

This attunement allows you to share the attunement with others.

Personal Use is a requisite for receiving the Master Teacher attunement.

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Master Teacher:  $90

Personal Use: $54