Magick Reiki Fortune and Fame

Magick Reiki Fortune and Fame is an energy infused system that combines magick and Reiki. It is continuously renewing and you cannot use it up.

This system connects you and aligns you with the energies of good fortune and fame. Not everyone wants to be a rock star, but if you do, these energies will be helpful for you.

No matter what you do or what business you are in, you need a good reputation to be successful. Magick Reiki Fortune and Fame helps to improve and expand with a positive reputation and with acknowledgements for what you do and achieve. It is very easy to use. With a snap of your fingers you can connect and set the energies n motion to bring fortune and fame opportunities to you.

Being famous simply means that you are well known for the work that you do or the energy of who you are. This is a wonderful thing. All things are possible. You have all that you need to be loved, respected, and rewarded for your work.

Give this energy a try if you want to teach classes, act in shows, play music or offer any service as a means of supporting yourself. It will help you to become who you want to be and through positive reputation and referrals you will be successful.

You will be attuned to a symbol that will draw to you what you need to be more successful and abundant, guiding you on the path of following your dream and achieving your goals.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)