Magick Reiki Protection

Magick Reiki Protection is an energetically charged system that holds protection within its very essence. As you work with the energies you will find there is Magick in the pictures and the very manual itself. This energy can be used for protection for yourself, others, animals, plants, your home and car and more. Wherever you good there are negative energies lurking. Magick Reiki Protection allows you to visualize the symbol and send up instant protection with the snap of your fingers. This powerful protection combines magick and Reiki energies.

This system helps to shield you whenever you need it quickly. The shielding is strong. It can protect you against psychic attacks, energy vampires and all forms of negative energy that attempt to attach to you.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you connect to the energies of Magick Reiki Protection. Use it any time you need to protect anything or anyone as often as you like.

May you always be safe and protected! So Be It!

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)