Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program

Each Degree of the Magickal LIghtwork Advanced Degree program is a prerequisite for receiving the next level of attunement. These powerful energies can help you to be successful, prosperous and happy. Miracles can happen and anyone can learn to change their lives. Gain back your confidence and your personal power to be, have and do what you love and what you choose.

Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Level One – First Degree

The Basics of Magickal Lightwork involve working with energy to manifest your goals and desires.

This level helps you to open your mind to understanding and enlightenment, draws negativity from your energies and your environment.

Step 1: Claiming Your Desire
Discover what you want to be, have, and do. Open yourself to look within and see what makes your heart sing. Knowing what you want is how you claim your desire.

Step 2: Organize and Plan
This step gives you a method to help discover the steps you will need to take to achieve your goals. Organize and plan what you will do to help draw to you what you desire and make it manifest physically.

Step 3: Raise Energy
Gain the courage it takes to manifest your desires. This step is all about feelings and emotions. Believe you have, can do or be what you want and begin to vibrate with it energetically. Get excited and feel good about your goals!

Step 4: Action
Take action to physically bring your desire into the world. Follow through on the steps you planned and feel good about doing it.

Step 5: Resting
The actual manifestation takes place here. Once your actual manifestation takes place, this is the phase after the energy peaks.

Learn to use the following tools:
Talismans and amulets
Sacred Space

There is a symbol you will be attuned to in the First Degree to help you connect to the energies of this system.

$63  Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Level Two – Second Degree
Herbs, Crystals and Plants

The use of Herbs in magick and healing is worldwide and has been a part of human nature for all time. The benefits of herbs in healing speed recover, heal wounds and ease pain. They are empowering and protective. The powerful energy of herbs can be used for specific things for the highest potency.Learn About Magickal and Healing Herbs:
White Sage

You can also look around the area where you live to see what flowers, plants and herbs are growing that can be used in your Magickal LightWork, or a plant a garden to grow your own.

You will be attuned to a symbol to connect you with the energies of all herbs.

Crystals and Stones are excellent helpers for Magickal Lightwork! Each one is special and has its own personality and essence. They vibrate to their own special frequency that you may feel when you hold them, that can help with healing, protection and all magicks. Crystals and stones are natural lightworkers and healers. Their magick is very powerful.

Learn About Magickal Crystals and Stones:
Lapis Lazuli
Rose Quartz

You will be attuned to a symbol to use in connecting with the Crystal and Stone Realm.

Plants are livlng Beings with feelings and emotions. They like to be talked to and enjoy music. They enjoy respect and are willing to sacrifice for use. Give the plant realm appreciation and they will reward you with offerings of leaves, roots, flowers, fruit, vegetables, seeds, stems, and more.

To connect with the plant realm all you need to do is clear your mind and stand near them, opening your energies. Allow them to speak with you either by providing you with a vision, an intuitive suggestion or a gut feeling.

In this Degree you will be attuned to a symbol to connect with the Plant Realm.

$63  Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Level Three – Third Degree Angels, Deities and Animals

In Magickal Lightwork, working with angels, deities and animals adds power to your healing and magick. These Beings are always ready to help and assist you on your path. They offer guidance, energies, protection and healing to spells, rituals and healing. Calling on them enhances your personal power and raises your energies, strengthening your connection to source energy.

Angels are all around us, waiting for you to ask for their help. They are pure love and light, defending those in need. They are healers of people, plants, animals and Mother Earth. They are magickal and can assist you in opening doors and aligning connections that will help you on your path. they are beauty, joy and harmony.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you visualize and connect to angelic realms immediately.

Some Angels you might like to call upon:
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Uriel
Archangel Chamuel
Angels of Money
Angels of Healing
Angels of Success and Good Fortune
Angels of Love
Angels of Communication
Angels of Compassion
And Many More

There are many Deities in all religions and cultures. They are different aspects of pure source energy. They are powerful and real. Whenever you connect with the energies of any Deity, you are drawing on a specific type of source energy that is intelligent and has a unique personality aspect. Working with Deities fills you with love and compassion, strength and courage. Your confidence increases and you feel empowered.

Some Deities you will learn to work with:
Goddess Brighid
Goddess Kali
Goddess Bast
Goddess Artemis
Goddess Lakshmi
Goddess Hecate
The Green Man

You will be attuned to a symbol to use through visualization that connects quickly to source energy for any Deity that you choose to call upon.

Animals are angels on this Earth. They are healers that fill our lives with love, joy, beauty, comfort and more. Each animal is unique and offers us the wisdom of their existence.

Some specific Healing Animal Medicine:
Sea Gull
There are many more…

Working with Animal Medicine brings enhances your personal power. Often animals that are around you will connect with you as a familiar and lead energies to any magickal lightwork you do. Spirit guide animals pull in energies of a specific species for wisdom and guidance.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you call on and use the energies and medicine empowerments of any animals.




Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Level Four – 4th Degree
Mastering body, mind and spirit, bringing it all together, expanded Universal Laws

There are many Universal Laws, however, the one that rules all the others is the Law of Vibration. It is the Law of Attraction – like attracts like. When you can get into the vibration of what you want to achieve, have, be or do, it must come to you. You can only attract what your energy is in attunement with, or what your energy is in harmonic vibration with. You repel anyting that is not in a similar vibration.

The only work you have to do to receive what you want is to vibrate energetically with it. That’s it. You must find a way to raise your vibration energetically with thoughts and experiences that bring you joy. When you do this, you are bringing body (feelings), mind (thoughts), spirit (energy) together in alignment and harmony with what you want to be, do or have. And it must manifest. The Law of Vibration commands it to.

You will be attuned to a symbol for Alchemy with the pure white light of source energy.

May you always align with and vibrate in harmony with your desires, and so it is!




Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Level Five – 5th Degree

The 5th Degree is an expansion of energies. it goes beyond the Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degrees levels 1-4. The 5th degree works with pure higher realm energies, connecting you to the higher vortex energies so that you can spirit journey into the holding area of your desires, so that you can connect with what you want to manifest into physical form easily.

This Degree allows you to connect quickly and easily to begin vibrating and sending out your energies in harmony with what you desire. It speeds manifestation and prevents blocks from interfering with Being, Having and Doing what you want. This is a very powerful post of energy to the first 4 Levels of the Magickal LIghtwork Advanced Degree.

You will be attuned to a symbol that represents the vortex, the holding place of all the things you have created in the ethers that are there waiting for you. When you can vibrate energetically in harmony with your desires they will manifest.

May you always connect your positive desires and feel good as you manifest and make your dreams come true. So Be It.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)