Agrimony Shakti

The Agrimony Shakti is a very high velocity self aware Divine intelligence. She can help to make your life better and free you from limitation and the adverse influences of others both in this reality and in the spiritual realms. When you call upon her as a trusted elder that you trust and that you know loves you, you can develop a relationship with her, rather than to command her to help you.

Agrimony Tracking Essence: Helps you to find missing children or pets.

Agrimony Imprint Revelation and Clearance: Removes imprints of those who have come before so that their influence no longer affects you or your living space.

Agrimony Shakti Level 1
Assists those who are smiling on the outside, yet are feeling sad or hopeless on the inside. They may seem jovial to others, but inside they feel as if life has passed them by and they are just existing. They don’t feel like they are really making a difference or that anyone cares.

Healing for emotional pain despite outward “happy face”
• Menstrual regulation and balance
• Ease of digestion during stressful times
• Reduces inflammation of rheumatism for joint mobility and less pain
• Urinary tract health increase and kidney stone reduction
• Call upon Agrimony Shakti to speed healing of physical wounds
• Increase your energetic immune system to resist the ill will of others

Agrimony Shakti Level 2
• Your link to the Agrimony Shakti will be deepened. Your ability to positively affect the reality of your body and life increases
• Reverse bad spells or hexes with this Shakti’s spiritual authority
• Notice and clear the imprints of others to free you from their adverse influence
• Track people here and in the spiritual realms during spiritual “journeys”
• Increase the potency of your healing sessions

Agrimony Shakti provides you with the right to call upon Agrimony for your emotional, spiritual and physical health concerns. This empowerment assists those who feel the need to present a ‘good face’ outwardly and who may not know how to find the time to take good care of themselves. People who find it difficult to ask for help or reach out to others will greatly benefit from the energies of Agrimony.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture