Angelic Elemental Templates are actively tended energy templates for healing sessions or attunements. They are comprised of the Eternal Sentient Intelligence of both the Angelic and Elemental realms. Beings of the Angelic lineage and beings who are the sentient awareness of the elements here on planet Earth join together to bring you balanced perspectives from here and beyond this time, space three dimensional reality.

Angelic Elemental Teaching Templates provide a way for you to energetically record and send channeled teaching information to students, combining and administering energies perfectly for each person. When you provide a remote healing session Angelic Elemental Templates are an excellent choice. They will arrive upon request to provide both the enclosure for the energies and the loving divine intelligent tending of Angelic and Elemental Beings. They work directly with the person’s personality, Higher Self, soul and Eternal Sacred Source, receiving constantly updated information about exactly how the energies you suggest and direct are to be complied and administered. They adjust things to perfectly facilitate the session or attunement for the person who is to receive it.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture