Animal Angels Reiki

Animal Angels Reiki connects you to the higher energies of those animals who have come into your life to help you specifically. These animals are with you to teach you something, to love you, and to bring healing into your life. In working with animals you will discover that there are specific animals that touch your heart more deeply than others. They are your personal Animal Angels who have come to Earth to help you in some way.

Some animals resonate with your soul. They may bring healing or have come to teach you a lesson you need to learn. Animal Angels may be any breed of animal. They have a very high vibrational energy and very often they will return to you through reincarnation or doing a walk in – soul exchange with another animal some time after crossing over. You may know them from past lives. Given time you will understand and know that they are connected to you. The lessons they bring can help you to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, teaching you more unconditional love and giving you love and loyalty in return. They teach us much more than we ever teach them.

There is a symbol including in your attunement to assist you in working with the energy of Animal Angels Reiki.

Founder: Linda Colibert