Crone Goddess Empowerment

The Crone Goddess Empowerment connects you to the Crone Goddess – wise woman energies. She brings you guidance, assists in planning and resolving issues, offers strong protection and healing. The energies are soft, as they come in but don’t mistake the power in this attunement – Crone Goddess energies are some of the most powerful! Call on her to help you in all aspects of your path.

Crone Goddess brings in the magick of old, the ancient wisdom, the mysteries, and the wisdom of experience and knowledge through the ages. She can assist you with psychic abilities – scrying, visions and wisdom. She is a strong protector. When you call upon her you can know without a doubt that you are protected and safe, especially from all forms of psychic attacks and negative energies and entities.

The Crone Goddess is often portrayed as an old woman stirring her cauldron but don’t be fooled! She does not always appear old, ugly, or frail. She can appear to you in any form and is actually very beautiful. Her wisdom can assist you in making the best choices and decisions. As a healer the Crone Goddess knows powerful medicine magick and healing of herbs and plants, and the energies of the animal and crystal kingdoms. She knows the way to healing, abundance, success and the way to stand in your power as a force to be reckoned with if necessary.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you connect to the energies of the Crone Goddess Empowerment. You can use it for protection, wise woman healing, guidance in resolving issues and seeking answers and more.

May the Crone Goddess, Wise Woman always guide you and fill you with strength and empowerment. May she keep you safe and hold you above all darkness and harm. And so it is.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)