Maiden Goddess Empowerment

The Maiden Goddess Empowerment connects you to pure source energy and to your Higher Self for empowerment. The Maiden Goddess helps you to “remember” who you truly are – you may have forgotten through the years – but the Maiden knows. She helps you with new beginnings and connects you to your true soul purpose – to live life fully and be happy. She helps you to live up to your potential.

The Maiden Goddess opens the path to joy, experiences and the wonders of life. She is the moving from child to woman and therefore, she takes on responsibilities of adulthood, while still remembering the joy and youthful laughter. She is young and full of expectations for the future. She brings energies of beauty, energetic action, and encourages you to not fear, but to take chances and follow your dreams. There is no fear of failure, just the wonderful energies of success, new beginnings and happiness. She helps you live up to your potential.

Deep within your soul, you know who you are. Your conscious mind may have forgotten, but the essence of you is still there waiting to achieve your goals, and follow your hopes and dreams. If you have forgotten that you can wield this power, the Maiden Goddess shows you the way to begin again.

The symbol of this system can be used for new beginnings, to help you with your soul purpose, for love and more.

May the Maiden Goddess fill your heart with love, joy and freedom to be true to yourself. And so it is.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)