One Spirit

One Spirit is a powerful energy-based Shamanic Healing system that uses your heart, unconditional love, and symbols. One Spirit takes you inside yourself to look beneath the surface. One Spirit teaches you about animal totem’s and how they protect your chakras.

One Spirit is similar to Reiki, but goes further teach you unconditional love, and how to forgive yourself unconditionally without judgment.

One Spirit also connects you with your animal guardians, animal totems and spirit guides.

This modality can help you learn how to connect with nature meet your spirit guides and learn from them. The manuals are a nice resource for anyone wanting to learn about and work with their spirit guides.

One Spirit also teaches you how to meet the animal spirits of each of your chakras.

The First Manual Contains:
A Little about Chakras
Human Chakras
Animal Guides and Totems
Grounding Meditation
Animal Spirit Meditation
Chakra Guardian Meditation
Power Animal Horoscope
Color and Cleansing the Chakras

The Second Manual Contains:
Where to Apply Symbols
How to Pass on the Attunement
Walk in Beauty
Power Animal Journey
Rock Tree Wisdom

This attunement has two levels and two manuals.

Founder: Diane Bellefeuille