Unicorn Blessings

Ahh – the magick of Unicorns! They are so pure in energy, so high energy, and so stunning to look upon. This attunement connects you to the brilliance and high energy of unicorns. It draws their blessings upon you as they will open to accept you amongst their ethereal existence. To see a unicorn in the physical realm is a divine experience. Once you are connected to the energies of Unicorns you will be in harmony with them and working with their energy for healing and blessings, and manifestations are much easier. You will learn to access Unicorn energy quickly and each time you use and work with the energies you will receive blessings of the Unicorns, for any energy work that it connected to Unicorns can only be of a positive nature.

Working with the Unicorns is an enlightening experience. Their energy is so loving that just being near one makes you feel that oneness with all Universal love. They are powerful Be-ings of light who will help you with any positive intention and grant wishes if they feel it is for a good and just cause. They are natural healers with the power to heal wounds, sickness and disease. The power of the Unicorn horn is legendary. The symbol of this system allows you a quick an easy way to connect with them, and can help you to meet your Unicorn guide and ask for assistance. The manual also contains a guided meditation as Unicorn blesses you with success in all your goals.

Unicorn will open the doors of opportunity and give you a push to walk in. She will stay with you as a spirit guide if you ask her and never take her forgranted. She will shower you with blessings of light and love.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you to connect with the Unicorn Blessings energy.

May all your days be filled with Unicorn Blessings! And so it is.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)