Mater Aeterna Dark Moon Mother Protection

The Dark Moon Mother Protection Attunements are a series of energetic empowerments that connect you to specific energy vibrations that are aspects of the lunar goddess in her dark moon phase. That’s not to say it’s dark in nature, but that it’s a secret/sacred/hidden energy flow and is connected with the dark phase of the moon when the moon is invisible to us.

During the dark moon the lunar tide lends itself to exorcism, cleansing, protection and psychic enhancement work as well as ritual work tied to the process of Magick: The refinement and realization of the Authentic Self through the Reconciliation of opposites; whereby the One is made whole.

The Dark Moon Mother Protection can be used for protection from the conscious and unconscious, low vibrations wherever they originate. So this protects us from ourselves to some degree and from other people. And also the resultant energies of our connections to places, things and memories. In addition, the Dark Moon Mother Protection can be used to protect us from negative influences from discarnate entities and lower astral beings which, while not evil, are drawn to low vibrations.

This wonderful energy can be used for Karmic Healing and to assist sensitive people and empaths in their spiritual growth.

There are 3 attunements in this system.

Founder: Anna May