Bliss Vibration

Bliss Vibration assists you in dropping away discordant vibrational frequencies that have upset your calm and brings you the proper energetic environment for bliss. It works with your Higher Self and soul to bring you more into synergy with yourself.

Blissful Sounds Healing can be invoked as a filter to help you cope while in the midst of disturbing sounds and will attend to your aura’s health. A Blissful Sound Healing Session can be activated to work deeply to remove the imprint of sounds you heard in the past which are still adversely affecting you.

Mood Lifter can bring you into a pleasant mood when, mere moments before you felt spiky and disconnected. Vibrations affect you positively or negatively. If you don’t like a sound your mood can be adversely affected. Shifting the vibration within your own aura assists to restore your calm and then uplift your mood.

This attunement will filter out many adverse vibrations of unwanted sounds, helping to buffer and protect your sacred energy fields from sounds that do not promote your wellbeing. Continued activation works with past exposures to energy vibrations that have been less than blissful, including conversations, to drop away those imprints and make it easier for you to live within a blissful vibration more often. Previous modes of being will drop away as your body begins to remember bliss.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

If you intend to share this system with others for Personal Use only you will need to purchase that manual to provide to your students and clients.

Master Teacher:  $81

Personal Use:  $54