Clear Light

Clear Light uplifts your health by cleansing, purifying and vitalizing your body’s lymphatic system, strengthening all its components to better dispel toxins and infections and fortifies your body’s constitutional reserves. This light powerfully uplifts all of your cells, bringing you more energy and clarity.

Clear light is everywhere. It shines in the heart of everything in existence – within every atom and out of every face. Some people characterize white light as the light of spirit – or simply as life itself. It is the radiance some of us see in meditation, deep relaxation or prayer. White light manifests at all levels of existence, from the most subtle places to the physical world, where it also illuminates everything we see.

Your body doesn’t always receive enough Clear Light to support vibrant health and long life and increasing your supply of white light by spending more time in the sun isn’t always possible, practical or healthy. When you work with Clear Light Healing Clear Light radiates throughout your aura. It has an affinity with your cellular fluid, and channels Clear Light to your cells, nourishing, purifying and uplifting the vibrations of every cell it contacts.

This system can assist in attuning to higher wisdom and inspiration and influence mental clarity and brightness. Receiving this attunement can profoundly change your being and your level of consciousness, creating shifts in your life to help solve many issues in your life, as well as enabling you to channel a broad range of healing energy frequencies for performing very powerful healings on yourself and others.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso