Emotional Transformation Treatment

Emotional Transformation Treatment is a powerful and soothing energy that helps to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is caused by experiencing or witnessing traumatic events such as those by victims of violent crimes, sexual abuse, natural disaster, or those in the military and more. PTSD can bring negative impact into your life and also of those around you.

This system helps to assist someone with PTSD to communicate with themselves, accessing and realigning their inner guidance. It helps them/you to understand what you/they are experiencing, bringing forgiveness, self-forgiveness and acceptance and building a higher state of self-awareness and mental clarity. It helps the patient to release energy blockages and balance the emotions, allowing the body to heal more fully. It also protects from nightmares, balances action and reaction and assists the person experiencing the symptoms to be more calm and steady.

Founder: Argandini Titisari