Pink Sphere of Love

The Pink Sphere of Love works directly through your heart chakra. It is delightfully effective for any emotional issues that need clearing or healing.

The Anahata (or heart chakra) means unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten; this is our love center. The heart chakra is home to grief, anger, fear of betrayal, loneliness and hatred. A clear and healed heart chakra will house unconditional love, empathy and selflessness. When your heart chakra is unblocked you are motivated to love, compassion, unselfishness and giving.

Your hurt child inhabits your heart chakra, where intense emotional pain and anguish of betrayal, being cheated on, divorce, death, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, grief and every trauma that affects the emotions.

Pink Sphere of Love aids healing of emotional pain that comes from the heart chakra. It transmits a very gentle energy for any heart wound, bringing you energies for emotional release.

This system also draws and helps you hold onto the healthy energies of love, making it possible for you to have healthy relationships and assist to promote the healing of past emotional hurts, jealousy, anger and grudges.

After your attunement you will be surrounded by a protective pink bubble which keeps you grounded, balanced and peaceful. Happiness and joy will be yours, giving you a positive outlook and hope for the future.

Benefits of Pink Sphere of Love:

• Heart Chakra Clearing
• Love Obstacle Removal
• Emotional Wounding
• Broken Heart Healing
• Healing Trust Issues
• Problems Accepting Love
• Problems Giving Love
• Jealously
• Anger
• Positive Outlook
• Hope For the Future

Founder: Manuela Ramos Marques