Starseed Psychic Activation Transmission 1-10

The Starseed Psychic Activation Transmission is a powerful activation to awaken the third eye and provide a means to keep this energy flow clear as well as giving you a simple technique to switch it on and off so that you can learn to differentiate better between psychic insights, imagination and hunches. This is important in spiritual development as our self awareness is an important part of our ‘soulscape’ exploration.

During the attunements, a programmed ethereal amethyst point is placed and activated at the level of the 3rd eye center. Through activating (awakening) and deactivating this ethereal ‘switch’, you are able to control the enhancement to your inner sight; switching it ‘on’ when you are completing psychic streaming sessions.

There are 10 attunements in this system.
The first may be received either in real time or as a chi ball. The remainder are sent by chi ball.

Founder: Anna May