The StarSeed Unicorn Karmic Healing

The Starseed Unicorn Karmic Healing Cone of Power is a powerful energy attunement course that connects you to, and teaches you to work with a powerful Karmic Healing system to help you to step into your personal power and manifest your truth through conscious expression in mind, body and soul. This aligns you with your higher will and divine source and removes blocks and hindering factors that may be affecting your health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); preventing you from manifesting your spiritual gifts; preventing you from manifesting abundance, prosperity and success in all areas of your life.

The denial of Self creates numerous problems for the evolving soul and these negative karmic influences can have a compound effect that perpetuates negative intentions, damaging actions and restrictive beliefs.

The Unicorns represent true freedom and wildness of spirit and through working with them and allowing them to guide and support us in our ascension journey, we can accelerate the process, embrace and express our individuality and inspire others on their journey too.

Resolving and healing the effects of negative karmic influences means we can manifest fast and permanent change by addressing the source of problems we may have with energy blocks, attracting lower astral beings (psychic attack), physical health, mental health, emotional health, blocks that affect our psychic abilities and sensitivity, procrastination, fear, anxiety and all the myriad of problems that manifest from the denial (conscious or unconscious) of our personal power.

This system has 10 attunements. The first may be received either in real time or as a chi ball. The remainder are sent by chi ball.

Founder: Anna May