Many witches were pure and compassionate healers. They were angels on Earth and still are in the astral realms where we don’t see them. They are still ready to help us and work for us.

This attunement contacts these creatures and gives you their energy so you can have more joy, more luck, wellbeing and more love in your life. They can give you messages for your spiritual works!

The Witches In This System:

Atuna: a white witch who helps you to heal with herbs and stones, provides you with knowledge of minerals and herbal remedies for healing.

Fornarina: a white witch who helps you to wash away all negativity with her etheric broom.

Myra: a white witch who is a healer on all levels. Work with her for both physical and emotional problems.

Thara: a witch who helps you with spells. She gives you more energy for spell casting and can suggest special spells during your sleep or meditations.

Founder: Manuela Fasoli