The energies of Exalted Moqui were channeled so that the Moqui energies are imprinted with the etheric pattern of the Moqui itself to be used as a spiritually energetic essence and elixir without having to own an authentic Moqui marble stone.

This energy, the Exalted Moqui Spirit Essence is the sacred spirit of the Moqui. The Exalted Moqui Spirit is vigorous, powerful and paramount to distributing the healing and metaphysical enhancement aspects which are unique to the Exalted Moqui.

This system has two levels for the Master Teacher Level and one level for the Personal Use Only option.

Moqui Metaphysical Properties:
Balance Male Female Aspects
Boost Meditation
Calibrate Your Chakras
Connect With Your Animal Guides
Contact extra-terrestrials
Cut Cording From Others
Earth Connection
Knowledge Of The Future
Knowledge Of The Past
Realign Energy Centers
Remove Energy Blockages
Remove Self-Imposed Limitations
Psychic Polarity
Shamanic/Astral Journeying
Release Fear
Stimulate Chi
Seal Holes Aura
Vision Quests

Moqui Healing Properties:
Brain Function Increase
Cellular Tissue Regeneration
Increase Physical Energy
Memory Recovery
Muscle Strain
Pain Relief
Tissue Regeneration

This system includes an optional symbol to help you connect to the energies of the Exalted Moqui.

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Master Teacher authorizes you to share this system with others.  You will need to purchase the Personal Use Manual in addition to Master Teacher if you intend to share it with others for Personal Use only.


Master Level: $90

Personal Use Only: $54